A group of Pitt and incarcerated students stand with articles in front of their faces.

Inside-Out and Inside-Only Courses

Formed in 2016, PPEP courses have served over 300 Pitt and incarcerated students. To date, PPEP has offered courses in English, Political Science, Anthropology, and Music in 3 prisons in western PA. Incarcerated students earn Pitt credit for the courses that they can apply  towards a degree. 

A complete listing of upcoming and past courses can be found below. During the pandemic, the only courses being offered are correspondence courses for incarcerated students so that they can continue their education until face-to-face classes can be resumed.

Current and Upcoming Courses: 

To be announced

Past Pitt Prison Education Project Courses

A group of Pitt students on a bus to an Inside-Out course in prison.